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Professional Moving Company is ready to take on the full range of services for the transportation, packaging, and storage of your belongings.


  • Ordering a full package of goods storage services you can always count on a discount.
  • Not hidden payments.

All of the furniture will be covered with blankets and shrink wrap. Clothes will be stored in wardrobe boxes. Everything will be handled with care!

We are licensed by the California Public Utility Commission.
Licence number is MTR 0191695All.

We are always punctual and work efficiently.


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Storage Of Your Belongings

  • Are you going away and don’t know where to store your belongings and furniture before returning?
  • Doing a home repair and need to take out furniture for a while?
  • Moving to another state and need affordable storage and transit options?

You can store your belongings with us for any period of time. We will carefully deliver your items to the warehouse and bring back to you or to your new home. Our furniture assemblers will disassemble furniture of any complexity and assemble it back.

Your belongings and furniture will be placed in secure and protected storage, in conditions that are necessary for long-term safekeeping. You will only pay for the actual space that is being occupied. High ceilings allow you to compactly place your belongings vertically, which will significantly reduce the size of the area you occupy.

Don’t know how much space you need? Don’t worry. Call our manager and we will calculate everything for free.


Call us and we will resolve your storage issues! – (323) 499-9324

Leave the worries to us, contact our specialist and we will advise you on any aspect of your storage and relocation issue.

When ordering a full package of services for the transportation and goods storage you can always count on a discount. Our manager will offer you the best package of services and educate about promotions.

You will only pay a discussed cost, no hidden fees!


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