Packing Service

Our professional packing team will pack your belongings properly in the right size boxes, ensuring extra safe transportation. Fragile objects will be wrapped in bubble pack or special packing paper.


  • From $83 per hour. High Quality for a low price.

All of the furniture will be covered with blankets and shrink wrap. Clothes will be stored in wardrobe boxes. Everything will be handled with care!

We are licensed by the California Public Utility Commission.
Licence number is MTR 0191695All.

We are always punctual and work efficiently.


It is free, no obligation

Do You Need Packing Service?

Depending on the size of your move, you can order packing service in advance or on the day of your move. Prices are lower when our packing service is completed in advance. Please check the rates for this service on our Pricing page.

We offer our all-inclusive packing service for your entire house or apartment, specific rooms, of just for special items.

Our staff will bring all necessary packing materials, including various size boxes. Keep in mind, if you order our outstanding packing service, we will unpack all of those items at your new home, assemble everything we disassembled, and of course place all items exactly where you want them. Perhaps you want to pack yourself but want us to unpack? – We are happy to provide this service for an additional price.

We understand that kitchens require special care for all your fragile china, cups, glasses, plates, and numerous other items. We perform outstanding kitchen packing!

We are pleased to provide clothes packing service at no extra cost. We arrive with special Wardrobe Moving Boxes. Let our moving staff take your clothes from your wardrobe and hang them in our Wardrobe Moving Boxes. We transport the boxes to your new residence and hang your clothes where you want them. You won’t need to wash and iron them after the move. This service saves your time and a lot of work.

Choosing our packing service, you’ll get:

  • Time efficiency. Our packing team can pack all your items quickly as they’re trained and experienced.
  • Proper packaging. Our professional team has all the necessary equipment and packing materials. They know how to properly pack fragile and valuable items for damage free moving.
  • No Damage. Proper packing and secure transportation reduces or even excludes the possibility of damaging your belongings on its way to your new residence.
  • Disassembly/reassembly service. All the things we disassemble for moving can be reassembled in your new home. While disassembling, our team will make sure that all parts of disassembled objects are secured and marked for their proper reassembling in your new home.
  • Responsibility assurance. When we provide our packing service, we are responsible for all items damaged during the move. Don’t worry! Such an occurrence is very unlikely.

We are ready to combine our knowledge, experience, and hard work to guarantee your move is fast and easy.

No matter if we do the full packing service for your home or simply packing a few small items, we are always at your service.

Call us some time in advance to go briefly through all details of the move – (323) 499-9324

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It is free, no obligation


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