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We can move you anywhere. The long-distance moving services that we provide are affordable and convenient.  Plus, we guarantee our delivery time frame.
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    Long Distance Moving

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    More than 10,000 moves in the USA, over the past 5 years.


    Save Your Money

    Affordable Prices.
    There are no hidden fees.
    We are always punctual and work efficiently.
    All packing materials are included in the price.

    Protect Your Belongings

    All of the furniture will be covered with blankets and shrink wrap. Clothes will be stored in wardrobe boxes. Everything will be handled with care by professional movers!

    Relieve From Stress

    When choosing our company, you completely relieve yourself from worries and stress of the moving process.
    Our full-service moving >>

    You can save up to 50 % off of a regular moving rate when you choose to share a truck. >>

    Long Distance Relocation

    Every year, more than three million people in the United States move to another state, and about 650,000 of them hire professional relocation companies.

    We transport people every day and know how hard it is for our customers. We imagine and understand your problems – you need to change your usual place of residence, friends, colleagues, place of work, etc. But, unfortunately, as practice shows, in this situation people are very vulnerable, and moving companies widely use this. The price can grow or even double! This usually happens when your furniture are already loaded in the truck and you’re forced to pay an exaggerated price.

    As a result, you can get a double price, to lose some things or get your stuff with a considerable delay.

    Two Common Problems

    # 1 Hidden payments.

    Be alert for extra fees and charges –  moving costs are usually based on the amount or weight of items you are moving and the distance of your move. There may be additional charges for packing materials, storage, additional insurance coverage and special issues such as stairs, big or heavy items. Make sure you understand all charges.

    # 2 Time frame.

    The trucking company has promised you that the truck will follow your vehicle from bumper to bumper, and upon arrival at the new location, the truckers will meet you at the door of the new house. But no one was going to bring your things so fast! The contract specifies the delivery time, usually a week, a month, or two. And even if they are not made in time, claims are not accepted.

    The Prof Moving & Storage Has Found a Solution To These Problems.

    This is what our company does to avoid the aforementioned problems.

    You will pay only this:
    • Estimated price.
    • Packaging materials (if applicable ). Usually we charge only for boxes. Wardrobe boxes, shrink wrap – FREE.
    • Fees for extra heavy items (If applicable). For example, Piano, Grand piano, Gan Safe, Pull, etc.
    Another factor that may influence the cost of long-distance travel is the purchase of full insurance. Most transport companies offer standard cost protection, but it covers a minimum of $.60 per pound in case of damage or loss.

    We deliver by 26-foot trucks, which means your belongings can be the only ones in the truck. Your furniture won’t wait for the travel companions in storage.

    Why Does May Delayed Moving Occur?

    • Traffic. With more people on the road, plus construction, roadblocks, and accidents.
    • Weather Conditions. Safety is naturally a priority for us, so when bad weather and road closures strike, delivery delays are inevitable.


    You will have the opportunity to discuss all these and other points before the beginning of the shipment.

    Please call to discuss details and to plan your next move
    (323) 499-9324

    How to Organize a Long Distance Move

    Just 3 simple steps

    1 Step. At least 4 – 8 weeks before moving call us (323) 499-9324 to discuss your long distance move, or simply complete the form and one of our experts will be in touch within 1 hour with your free moving estimate. Confirm your moving arrangements and we will book a truck with crew for your move.

    2 Step. Start pack your belongings 2 – 3 weeks before you’re scheduled to move. We offer packing services at amazing prices. Call for more details.

    3 Step. Prioritizing everything that needs to be done will help you to stay organized. An easy way to do this is to follow our checklist.

    A long distance move can often be expensive. We will discuss several points to take into consideration. These points will greatly reduce the overall price of your long distance move. Read more >>

    You can see results without sending the form.

    Our Work

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it will be at the same rate, hourly pay.

    Yes. And we’ll assemble it in a new place if you ask.
    If there is a possibility of good access, the movers can help you with this at your responsibility, but we strongly recommend that you call a specialist the day before the move.
    Yes, we pick up all the packaging materials (shrink wrap, used boxes, etc.) that we used during transportation.

    Checklist for Long Distance Moving

    Check List
    • Call us in advance to go through all details of the move – (323) 499-9324
    • Create an inventory list of the items you’re moving.
    • Estimate the amount of packing supplies needed or request supplies from us.
    • Exclude all perishable items and all items containing gas or flammables.
    • Less frequently used items should be packed first.
    • Estimate the square footage of your home or office so we can determine the right size truck, or request visual on-site estimate.
    • Make sure you confirm your move a few days ahead of time.
    Call us some time in advance to go briefly through all details of the move – (323) 499-9324


    5 Responses

      1. Yes, we do. Plastic wrap and tape are free of charge. Moving blankets and wardrobe boxes are free of charge for the time of the move. But we do charge for cardboard boxes, small $2.5, medium $3.5, large $4.5; or we can use your boxes if you have, to prepare the stuff. Read more

    1. Hi there. This is Annie I spoke with you today about my moving to San Francisco.
      Is the packing service included to price that you gave me?
      Can you delivery next day?
      Thank you

      1. For the long distance moves we do provide you with a flat rate for the delivery. This rate does include preparing your large items of furniture and loading boxes with your stuff. It does not include packing of small miscellaneous stuff( kitchen, bathroom, personal items). If you want us to do it – not a problem, but the hourly rate will be applied for that, on the top of the flat one for the delivery. Yes, we can do delivery either same or next day, that’s up to customers choice

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