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Pricing for moving companies


In this article, we considered only licensed and insured companies.

Most moving companies fall into one of the typical four pricing groups.

The first group – the lowest price, is usually around $49/hr for one truck and two movers.

In this case, expect the company to have additional fees e.g., packing material, service fee, fee for steps (they actually count and charge for the number of steps), booking fee, fee for using the truck, and a fee for the distance from the truck to your home or office.
Most often these are hidden fees added at the end of the job making your ability to calculate the total price just about impossible. It’s very common that for a 3-4 hour move you will be charged $400-$500.

The second group – middle price, is typical $100-130/hr / for one truck and two movers.
This is the group the “Professional Moving Company” is in.
In most cases, these companies do not charge for packaging material and often do not have additional fees.

The third group – these are companies that have been in business for 40-50 years and over the years have grown into large corporations. Thanks to a well-worked scheme of work, regular customers, and expensive marketing, they continue to charge the highest prices in the industry. Often you can not find prices on their website and the hourly rate of your move will depend on your conversation with the company manager.
The price will include packing material, service charges, the cost of using the truck, the number of stages, etc.
This group of moving companies is in business for customers that are not concerned with the cost of the move.

The fourth group – these are companies that offer a flat rate. For more details about this read this article.
For some moves, the “Professional Moving Company” can provide a flat rate price.
Give us a call! – we are happy to give a visual estimate or you can fill out the form.

With regard to quality, it depends on the experience of the moving team.
All the groups mentioned above have their own incentive to perform quality work.

 Double driving.
According to California law, when movers transport you more than 10 miles, the travel
time will be multiplied by 2. Keep in mind, this does not apply if you agreed to a Flat Rate price.

You can see the “Prof Moving Company” prices here or contact our manager (323) 499-9324 .
REMEMBER – We DO NOT have hidden fees. Our manager will quote you the complete cost with everything included when you choose us.

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