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Are you looking for a pleasant place to live that is within easy drive of downtown Los Angeles? - Pasadena is an excellent choice. In the center of town is Old Pasadena, known for it's fantastic shopping, world renowned dining, and turn of the century Victorian and Art Deco architecture.

Moving In Or From Pasadena?

The Professional Moving Company of Pasadena is ready to come to your house or office anytime to help you relocate. We are friendly, hard-working people.

Our professional movers are familiar with the area of Pasadena and have the experience necessary to happily facilitate your moving needs, they are trained in the best way to protect, pack, and transport all your furniture.

Our company has all necessary licenses and insurance for performing superior moves within the state of California and we've developed a strategy to maximize efficiency and safety.

Our company provides full-service moving including residential, commercial, and long distance moving, as well as, our highly acclaimed packing and unpacking services.

We park our trucks in the immediate vicinity of Pasadena, so our team can come to you quickly and solve all the problems often associated with the moving process, it also gives us the opportunity to offer you affordable prices.

When you work with us, the top moving company in Pasadena, you won't have a thing to worry about regarding your relocation process.

All our trucks are equipped with the equipment needed for a 1st rate move and always stocked with high quality packaging material.

We invite you to connect with our manager 7 days a week to ask him about all aspects of your move.

Benefits for our customers in Pasadena:

  • Affordable prices.
  • All packing materials included in price
  • Not hidden payments.
  • Licensed and insured, you don't need to pay extra for base insurance.
  • Guaranteed pick-up and delivery date.
  • Flat rate for some moves.

Moving to or from Pasadena shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. Contact Professional Moving Company now for your free, no obligation moving quote.

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Easiest Way Make Moving In or From Pasadena

Just 3 simple steps

Call Us

1 Step

You call us (323) 499-9324 or simply complete the form and our experts will be in touch within 1 hours with your free moving estimate. Confirm your moving arrangements and we will book a truck with crew for your move.

2 Step

Create checklist for moving in or from Pasadena. You can see it below.

Checklist moving

3 Step

Follow the guidelines for best packing process if you will do it yourself or order this service for packing by professional movers.

Moving to Pasadena?

Here are some helpful resources

City of Pasadena
Pasadena Unified School District
The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce will be recognized as an effective resource working to support the prosperity of our members and enhancing the business climate and quality of life in Pasadena, California.

Checklist for Moving

What to do before you move?

  • Contacting of utility providers. With an eye to confirm moving officially you have to contact utility providers such as cable, gas, phone, water and etc.
  • Create an inventory list for the items you're moving.
  • Prepare enough packing supplies or make sure to request those from the moving company.
  • Exclude any perishable items and any items which contain gas or flammables.
  • Make sure one truck is enough to fit your belongings. Find out the square footage of your place or request visual estimate on-site.
  • Start packing your items from the ones you use less in frequent.
  • Make sure you confirm your arrangement with moving company ahead of time.
  • Call us some time in advance to go briefly through all details of the move - (323) 499-9324
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