Parking For The Moving Truck

Parking For The Moving Truck Ahead of your planned move, it’s very important to think about parking for the moving truck. You need to have 30′, which is 2-3 car lengths. A permit for a moving truck is not required, but having a permit has two benefits.
  1. The closer the track is to the entrance of the building or house, the less walking for moving staff, which saves time and ultimately saves money.
  2. Different cities have different laws regarding truck parking. Having the proper parking permit can avoid a costly parking ticket. Remember, the person listed on the moving contract is ultimately responsible for parking violations.
A parking permit may not be necessary if the moving truck will be on private property such as a driveway, unless the vehicle will be blocking the sidewalk. If the pick-up or drop-off location is in a place where it is difficult to find a parking spot, you have two options for getting a parking permit for the moving truck.
  1. Contact the company, which provides a service for installing “Temporary No Parking”. Such a sign usually cost about $250.
  2. Get in touch with the city office or department and get a permit and sign from them from them – “Temporary No Parking”. Usually these cost $30-60. Every city has its own requirements and procedures for granting permits.
It’s Important to know, temporary no parking signs do not supersede existing parking and traffic regulations, such as Street Cleaning, No Stopping, No Parking, or Red Curb zones. As of this printing, we did not find a department who deals with issuing such permissions in Los Angeles, but on one of the forums found the phone 213-485-2298 by which you can call and get installed “Temporary No Parking”. You must give them 5 working days in advance and they will post the signs 48 hours prior to your move date. Try the following website to arrange and pay online.

Having trouble figuring out the permit situation – do not worry,
call our manager (323) 499-9324 and we’ll work together to find a solution.

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