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Packing small items


A quality move will be succesful for a number of reasons, least of which is the actual packing of your household items and furniture.
Packing and loading of furniture in the truck is completely a concern for movers. Packing household items on the other hand, can be done yourself or by us.

Reducing the cost of the overall moving is often accomplished by packing your boxes before we arrive.

Following are a few tips from the “Professional Moving Company” on how best to pack small stuff in boxes.

For garment packing, our company provides free Wardrobe Moving Boxes. You will not need to wash and iron them after the move. This service saves you time, money, and a lot of work.

Most of your items objects should be packed into 3 different in size boxes:

  • Large,
  • Medium,
  • Small.

Do not use extra large boxes – they are inconvenient to carry and to pack in the track. They are often crushed under their own weight or under the weight of the upper boxes. Professional movers prefer small and medium boxes.

In large boxes put light and voluminous objects, not fragile: pillows, light objects of art, toys, etc. Do not put books, magazines, dishes, and other heavy objects.

In the middle sized boxes put items such as shoes, bed linen, table lamps, vases, etc. Fragile objects should always be wrapped in bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Place larger and heavier objects first then place lighter items on top.

In small boxes, put all your heavy objects: books, magazines, dishes, canned goods, household chemicals, etc. Pre-wrap the dishes in wrapping paper.

Be sure to write “FRAGILE” on the top surface and on 2 sides of each box containing fragile items, otherwise those boxes could be stacked under other boxes, increasing the lifely hood of damage.
Do not pack fragile things in all boxes, i.e. mixing them with clothes and other things. In this case, the inscription “FRAGILE” will be on all boxes and this will make it difficult or impossible to pack the truck.

Before packing bottles with liquids, be sure that the tops are securly tightened, otherwise you risk ruining your other items due to leakage.

All boxes should be completely filled, this will increase the safety of the contents.
On the top and side surfaces write which room they belong in – this will speed up our unloading of the truck and you will not have to move them yourself later.

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  1. It got me when you discussed that extra-large boxes can be inconvenient to carry. My friend needs moving boxes for her items. I should advise her to look for a store that offers all types of boxes.

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