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Move Now - Pay Later

With our Move Now – Pay Later option, you can easily relocate and pay for the service in manageable, interest-free installments.

Move Now Pay Late

Here’s how it works

  • Move Now: Schedule your move at your convenience without worrying about immediate payment.
  • Pay Later: Split your moving costs into easy, interest-free payments.

*Moving within the United States only.

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What is the Pay Late Option?

The Pay Late option allows you to defer the payment for your moving services to a later date. Instead of paying the full amount upfront or immediately after the move, you can choose to settle the bill in more manageable installments.

Key Benefits of the Pay Late Option

Financial Flexibility

Moving can come with numerous unforeseen costs, from utility deposits to new furniture purchases. By opting to pay later, you can keep more cash on hand to address these immediate needs without the pressure of an upfront payment for moving services.

Budget Management

Spreading out your payments allows for better budget management. You can plan your finances more effectively and avoid large lump-sum expenses that can disrupt your financial stability.

Stress Reduction

The financial strain of moving can add to the overall stress of relocation. Knowing you have the option to pay later can significantly reduce anxiety, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home.

Improved Cash Flow

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial, especially during a move. The Pay Late option ensures you have adequate funds available for other essential expenses, providing a buffer that can be incredibly useful in unexpected situations.

No Hidden Fees

At Prof Moving & Storage, transparency is our priority. Our Pay Late option comes with clear terms and conditions, ensuring there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. You’ll know exactly what to expect from the beginning.

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Pay Late - Get A Quote
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