Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

It is free, no obligation

We can move you anywhere

Why People Love To Move On Long Distance With Us


We Save You Money

For your money you get an all-inclusive service.

Fuel, taxes, man power and the professional driver are included in your flat rate*, you won’t be surprised by hidden fees.

We Save You Time

Guaranteed Delivery Time Frame. 

We specialize solely in moving your belongings overnight,  without reloading your stuff in a storage or any other truck. This keeps our driving routes short and our rates responsible.  Most traditional long distance moving companies give you a large time frame for your delivery — so when you need to get there quick, go with Professional Moving Company.

We Protect Your Belongings

All of the furniture will be covered with blankets and shrink wrap. Clothes will be stored in wardrobe boxes.

Your stuff will be properly packed and prepared for a long distance transportation.

Everything will be handled with care!

*This rate is applicable in case if most part of your small miscellaneous are boxed and ready to go. If you would prefer us to do the full packing service on-site, you will be charged hourly for that.

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Video Testimonial

Newport Beach, December 2017
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How to Organize a Long Distance Move

  • Compare long distance moving companies at least 4 – 8 weeks before moving.
  • Start pack your belongings 2 – 3 weeks before moving.
  • It is an option to call our company and we will be able to help you with packing services as well.
  • Prioritizing the certain things that need to be done before others will help you to stay organized. An easy way to do this is to follow a checklist.

Easiest Way Make Long Distance Moving

Just 3 simple steps

Call Us

1 Step

You call us (323) 499-9324 or simply complete the form and our experts will be in touch within 1 hours with your free moving estimate. Confirm your moving arrangements and we will book a truck with crew for your move.

Get Free Estimate

2 Step

Create checklist for long distance moving. You can see it below.

Checklist moving

3 Step

Follow the guidelines for best packing process if you will do it yourself or order this service for packing by professional movers.

Checklist for Long Distance Moving

    • Create an inventory list for the items you're moving.
    • Prepare enough packing supplies or make sure to request those from the moving company.
    • Exclude any perishable items and any items which contain gas or flammables.
    • Make sure one truck is enough to fit your belongings. Find out the square footage of your place or request visual estimate on-site.
    • Start packing your items from the ones you use less in frequent.
    • Make sure you confirm your arrangement with moving company ahead of time.
    • Call us some time in advance to go briefly through all details of the move - (323) 499-9324

Long distance moves are considered the ones over 400 miles from pick up to drop off location. 

Long Distance
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    • admin

      Yes, we do. Plastic wrap and tape are free of charge. Moving blankets and wardrobe boxes are free of charge for the time of the move. But we do charge for cardboard boxes, small $2.5, medium $3.5, large $4.5; or we can use your boxes if you have, to prepare the stuff. Read more

  • Annie

    Hi there. This is Annie I spoke with you today about my moving to San Francisco.
    Is the packing service included to price that you gave me?
    Can you delivery next day?
    Thank you

    • admin

      For the long distance moves we do provide you with a flat rate for the delivery. This rate does include preparing your large items of furniture and loading boxes with your stuff. It does not include packing of small miscellaneous stuff( kitchen, bathroom, personal items). If you want us to do it – not a problem, but the hourly rate will be applied for that, on the top of the flat one for the delivery. Yes, we can do delivery either same or next day, that’s up to customers choice

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