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5 tips from Professional Movers to reduce your moving costs.

The absolute majority of moving companies offer customers hourly rate.
Here are 5 tips from experienced movers to optimize moving time and reduce costs.

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Truck Parking.

The closer moving truck can be parked – the less time movers will spend to get it loaded/unloaded.

They will also get less tired and as a result, they’ll be working faster. You can book loading zone or think about parking for the moving truck on the street next to the entrance to your building or apartment.*

Reserved Elevator


It will be very helpful if you can book the elevator with the manager of the building, otherwise movers might waste lots of time waiting for the elevator and you pay for this time.

Small stuff.

You can order packing of small stuff in advance or 1 day prior to your move. If you order packing service in advance – hourly rate is lower than during your move.

You can also pack it on your own and save on it, though we recommend to pack all the small stuff in boxes, not bags. This way there’s less possibility to damage your items and it will save a lot of time during your move. Reed more…



Movers have all necessary equipment and skills to disassemble any type of furniture, but if you’d like to save time and money – you can disassemble furniture that doesn’t fit through the doorway in advance.

Doors and way

Movers will work more efficiently if they don’t need to close/open the door every time they’re carrying boxes or furniture to load/unload the truck. If there are kids playing around, it takes more time to load/unload as movers have to be more careful and make sure there are no kids on their way when they’re carrying heavy items.

*Please note: if moving truck gets ticket for parking while loading/unloading – it’s customer’s responsibility to pay it.

Even if you can’t follow all the tips, it doesn’t mean your move will take lots of time. Our movers have enough experience to solve all the mentioned problems efficiently. You can always contact our manager (323) 499-9324 or get a free quote now.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that the truck that is part as close as possible to the property will help movers use less time to get it loaded and unloaded. I think this is also applicable even if you need their help with commercial moving processes, especially if you have a limited time to finish the tasks. For example, this is going to help people a lot when they have to leave a certain place and we’re able to get a new location at the last minute.

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