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Planning Move

How To Plan a Residential Move

If ever there was one universal sentiment, it’s that moving is among the most excruciating activities. The notorious process of packing and moving the entirety of your earthly belongings requires just about an enormous mental effort, great physical labor, excellent organizational skills, endless patience, and a mighty good chunk of your free time that is […]

How To Avoid Moving Scams

How To Avoid Moving Scams.

4 Tips from Professional Movers Any person can become victims of moving fraud in a variety of ways, all of which are costly. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports more than 4,100 consumers filed moving fraud claims in 2020, with the average claim being around $8,000. Fifty-three percent of those consumers reported being overcharged […]

Moving with Stairs

Relocations With Stairs

Our company keeps up with the times and today we would like to present new equipment for our movers. Equipment that will facilitate mover’s work and reduce the price of moving for our customers.Moving large or heavy items can easily be done with movers, trained on using this electric stair climber safely. Simple Way to […]

Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets Without Stress

Our company helps organize your relocating with your pets without stress.  Moving is usually stressful for people and for your cats, dogs, and other animals it may add stress as well. Our experts created a simple plan, following which you can reduce stress for you and your pets during relocation to a new place. A […]

How To Reduce The Cost For Long Distance Relocation?

A long distance move can often be expensive. In this article, we will discuss several points to take into consideration. These points will greatly reduce the overall price of your long distance move.

What To Expect From Full Service Movers

What is included in the Professional Moving Company’s Full Service? The Professional Moving Company will provide all packaging materials and equipment. No need to go to the store for boxes, tape, shrink wrap, paper, bubble wrap.

Temporary park moving truck

Parking For The Moving Truck

Updated July/2023 Ahead of your planned move, it’s very important to think about parking for the moving truck. You need to have 30′, which is 2-3 car lengths. A permit for a moving truck is not required, but having a permit has two benefits. The closer the track is to the entrance of the building […]

packing small stuff

Packing Your Small Items

  A quality move will be succesful for a number of reasons, least of which is the actual packing of your household items and furniture.Packing and loading of furniture in the truck is completely a concern for movers. Packing household items on the other hand, can be done yourself or by us.

Pricing for moving companies.

Pricing For Moving Companies.

  In this article, we considered only licensed and insured companies. Most moving companies fall into one of the typical four pricing groups. The first group – the lowest price, is usually around $49/hr for one truck and two movers.

Questions from customers

Scenarios And Actual Questions From Real Customers

Scenarios and actual questions from real customers that we were happy to answer and might possibly avoid your concerns or confusion.  “We moved last year and it took 6 hours, the current move took 7 hours – why?”

How To Reduce The Moving Costs?

5 tips from Professional Movers to reduce your moving costs. The absolute majority of moving companies offer customers hourly rate. Here are 5 tips from experienced movers to optimize moving time and reduce costs. Truck Parking. The closer moving truck can be parked – the less time movers will spend to get it loaded/unloaded. They […]

Flat Rate vs Hourly

Flat Rate vs. Hourly? Which is Better to Hire Movers.

When it comes to pricing, moving companies often offer two main options: hourly rates and flat rates. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why some moving companies opt for hourly rates and the benefits this pricing model can offer. 6 Advantages of a flat rate for customers. Choosing a Flat Rate you need to […]

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