What To Expect From Full Service Movers
What is included in the Professional Moving Company’s Full Service?

The Professional Moving Company will provide all packaging materials and equipment. No need to go to the store for boxes, tape, shrink wrap, paper, bubble wrap.

We will provide free blankets to safely pack your furniture and fragile items.
We will also provide free wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. We will even pack your clothes in the boxes on moving day and hang them up in your new home.
Check with our manager (323) 499-9324 that this package is included in your price.

Packing: The Professional Moving Company crew can pack all your things if you desire. They will skillfully and reliably pack and load fragile and valuable items, such as glass and artwork. If you order the Full Service package in advance, the price will be considerably lower.

Dismantling furniture: Our full service includes the necessary experience and tools to disassemble large and heavy furniture partially or completely, as necessary, and reassemble in your new home or office.

Loading our truck: Our highly skilled staff will load the truck for maximum safety of all your items. Our ultimate goal is repeat business and recommendations to your family and friends. Loading for safe transportation and zero damage ensures that we achieve our goal.

Transportation of your belongings: Regardless of whether you are moving one mile, the other side of town, or across the country, the Professional Moving Company is responsible for your things. You will be provided with an approximate delivery time and we will meet you at the destination.

Unpacking: Upon arrival at the site, all your items will be unloaded to the rooms indicated. The furniture will be unpacked and assembled.
At your request, our crew can also unpack all the boxes.

Recycling of packaging materials: All the materials used e.g. shrink-wrap, paper, boxes will be collected and taken off premises. We certainly will not leave you with a mess.

Still have questions? Call our manager (323) 499-9324 or leave your question in the comment section.


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    1. I’m so glad that full-service moving has been explained here so well. I haven’t found a definition as good as this one anywhere else.

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