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Free Boxes For Your Move

Free Moving Boxes
Let us introduce you to the hustle-free service of renting plastic moving containers! Or better yet, get them for FREE!
  • Save money, gas, and energy you would waste on scavenging around to buy new or used boxes.
  • Save Planet by not leaving yourself more cardboard waste and by taking care of the environment.
  • Save the time and energy it takes to find boxes, drive them home, mess with packing tape, build boxes, and find a recycling center for disposal.
There are 3 options for getting boxes for your move.

#1 Get Boxes For Free

Our team of movers will deliver the requested number of plastic containers, and once the move is complete, our team will collect the boxes.

Alternatively, you can choose to pick up the boxes yourself 1-3 days before the move and return them within 3 days after the move.

#2 Renting Boxes

For those who prefer a rental option, we offer the delivery of empty boxes at a specified time before the move. After the move is complete, we will pick up the boxes within the desired period.

The delivery fee depends on your location. This option provides a convenient and hassle-free solution for your moving needs.

#3 Buying Boxes

If you want to have carton moving boxes for yourself, you are more than free to purchase them ahead or on the day of the move.

Get Boxes For Move


Our safe storage space is available for $90/month (250 cub. feet) rent price for 1 box is just $1/month.

For example, if you need to store some furniture and 10 rented boxes the total sum for the service will be $90 + $10 = $100/month.
For more detailed and correct estimation, please, contact our manager.
(323) 499-9324

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