For some moves our company provides a flat rate.
Depending on the size of the move, we can either do a visual estimate or you can fill out the form below.
Would you like to show us what you’re moving? We will video chat by Skype or WatsApp with you room by room.

It’s such an easy way to find out the price of your move.

    Flat Rate Form

    Your total move size will be calculated as you go. You will be able to view your total volume (cubic feet) in the bottom.
    By sending the completed form you will receive an estimate of the cost of your move.

    Flat Rate For 1 BR Apartment

    From Pasadena To San-Diego
    2 Movers

    The customer wrote to us:
    Hi, I’m looking for mover to move from Pasadena to San Diego. I’m moving from one bedroom apartment to one-story house. I need to move 1 Queen size bed and a sofa set. All the other stuff will be either packed, or we’ll move it ourselves.
    In Pasadena truck can park very close to my apartment, no stairs involved. In San Diego truck can be parked on the driveway, no stairs involved. I attach photos of the stuff that needs to be moved and a photo of my apartment building. Looking forward to getting a flat rate for my move.

    Call us some time in advance to go briefly through all details of the move – (323) 499-9324