Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, it will be at the same rate, hourly pay.
Yes. And we’ll assemble it in a new place if you ask.
If there is a possibility of good access, the movers can help you with this at your responsibility, but we strongly recommend that you call a specialist the day before the move.
Yes, we pick up all the packaging materials (shrink wrap, used boxes, etc.) that we used during transportation.
We can, travel time is paid at the usual rate. The minimum charge that occurred for this was $70. You can also provide an address of the damp for faster service.

Yes, with the same hourly rate. We advise you to call an appropriate Goodwill location in advance and make sure they can accept furniture on that day.

Yes, specify in advance to the movers which furniture you want to unload at the second address. Extra stop will cost $25. The rest of the working time is the same hourly rate.

An ideal option would be to leave the pet with relatives, friends, or at a pet hotel. If this is not possible, dogs or cats can be locked in different rooms one by one, so that the movers do not accidentally hurt the animal during operation.

Yes, but it will take more time and we recommend an extra mover. You will also need boxes. You can get them on your own or buy them from us.

We do not give any estimates by phone. Everything is very individual. Foreman gives an approximate time it will take to load after he inspects the place of work on the day of the move. This won’t still be the final estimate.

Yes, we can, if this is standard furniture and doesn’t require the use of special tools.
Yes. This will ease the weight of the dresser and reduce the risk of breakage. Moreover, during the moving, the dresser will turn over and some of the small things may be lost.
Yes! We recommend that you pack all the small things yourself. Especially valuables. Best if you carry these things yourself.
Usually, we recommend two movers, however, it all depends on your readiness, the amount of furniture/goods, and the possibility of the track to park near. Two people can do this, but it will take more time than with 3 movers. As a result, the total price will be the same.
Yes. Depending on the size and conditions of loading and unloading, we will recommend the number of people. It will be an extra charge.

Yes, if the roads proposed by you are allowed for trucks. Otherwise, movers will have to look for another way.