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The professional Azusa movers are ready to come to your house any time you want to move and help you in relocating to another place.

Benefits For Azusa Clients

From $85 per hour.
High Quality for a low price.

All of the furniture will be covered with blankets and shrink wrap. Clothes will be stored in wardrobe boxes. Everything will be handled with care!

We are licensed by the California Public Utility Commission.
Licence number is MTR 0191695.

We are always punctual and work efficiently. Please read our guidelines to expedite your move.

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Moving in or from Azusa?

The City of Azusa founded in 1887, Azusa is located at the entrance to the San Gabriel Canyon at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. With a population of roughly 45,000, the city spans approximately 9.13 square miles.

We providing the best moving service starts with a move plan, the best packing materials matched to your items and

  • Affordable prices.
  • All packing materials included in price
  • Not hidden payments.
  • Locally owned and operated.

When you move with us, you move with movers who know Azusa natively and know how to beat the rush hour traffic.

Our moving school trains our teams to focus on safety and protection.

Nearest Branch

Moving & Storage Services in Azusa

We are able store your belongings, holding them until you are ready to move into your new home.

Residential Moving

Residential Moving

The residential moving services that we provide are affordable, helpful and convenient. If necessary, we disassemble and assemble furniture without extra charges.

Long Distance Moving

Map of USA
Guaranteed Delivery Time Frame. We specialize solely in moving your belongings overnight, without reloading your stuff in a storage or any other truck. This keeps our driving routes short and our rates responsible.

Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

Although most commercial moves involve relocating offices, we can also provide relocation services for schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other entities.

Moving to Azusa?

Here are some helpful resources

City of Azusa – Government, Business, Departments, etc.

​The Azusa Chamber of Commerce – Local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community

Azusa Pacific University

Call us some time in advance to go briefly through all details of the move – (323) 499-9324




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Checklist for Moving

What to do before you move?

  • Contacting of utility providers. With an eye to confirm moving officially you have to contact utility providers such as cable, gas, phone, water and etc.
  • Create an inventory list for the items you’re moving.
  • Prepare enough packing supplies or make sure to request those from the moving company.
  • Exclude any perishable items and any items which contain gas or flammables.
  • Make sure one truck is enough to fit your belongings. Find out the square footage of your place or request visual estimate on-site.
  • Start packing your items from the ones you use less in frequent.
  • Make sure you confirm your arrangement with moving company ahead of time.


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