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Scenarios and actual questions from real customers that we were happy to answer and might possibly avoid your concerns or confusion. 

“We moved last year and it took 6 hours, the current move took 7 hours – why?”

Perhaps there are more items and/or furniture this time.
Maybe the previous place had an elevator and the new location only has stairs.
Perhaps the new location does have an elevator but it is busy so the moving staff must wait for the elevator to be free.
Sometimes the customer cannot reserve truck parking close to the entrance, so the movers must walk all the items further to the truck.
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“Why do the Movers wrap up all the furniture in blankets and a shrink wrap? This increased the time for which I had to pay”

Company’s rules dictate that all the furniture is protected in the very best way possible to ensure, to the best of our ability, that no damage occurs during loading, transporting, and unloading. If you do not want your items wrapped and packed properly, please tell the foreman and the movers will not do it. However, in that case, the moving company disclaims responsibility for its condition at the place of delivery.

“Why did the movers insist on packing my belongings in boxes, and not leave them in packages?”
Using boxes, of the right size, is the best way of avoiding damage during the moving process.

“We left the old location at the same time as the moving truck yet arrived at the new place 20 minutes earlier, why?”
Moving trucks travel slower than a car and sometimes must use a different route because of street conditions and traffic. Be assured we always plan and use the speediest route possible.

“The Movers spent what seemed like a long time packing things in the truck, seemingly taking a lot of time, why?”
Properly packing our trucks drastically decreases the chance of damage to your furniture and all your other items. We are thorough, conscientious, and take great pride in our performance.

Our movers have enough experience to solve all the mentioned problems efficiently.

You can always contact our manager (323) 499-9324 or calculate your move and get approximate time and quote.


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